VP meets with British Ambassador to our country

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Wednesday Ambassador of the United Kingdom to our country Michael Aron to know about the latest developments in the Yemeni national arena.

The meeting also touched upon Yemeni-Britisch bilateral ties and underway efforts aiming to re-establish sustainable peace in Yemen.

The Vice President reiterated the legitimate government’s principled stance toward peace. He stated that the government is very interested in achieving peace that is based on the three terms of reference: GCC’s Imitative , its executive plan, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council no 2216. He highly appreciated the British friends’ role in supporting legitimacy and peace efforts.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen highlighted the security, economic and humanitarian crisis our country has been experiencing because of the Iran-backed Houthi coup d’état and Houthis’ hostile policy aimed at killing, terrifying the citizens and causing their starvation.

The Vice President highly appreciating the royal noble directive by Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud to donate $200 million in urgent assistance to be deposited in the Central Bank of Yemen. He stated that thanks to the Saudi leadership interest, headed by Custodian of the Two Holly Mosques and his Crown Prince, His Royal Highness (HRH) Prnce Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulqaziz, otherwise Yemeni economic slide would be doubled with catastrophic consequences.

(Lt Gen) Mohssen stated that it is very important for the International community to take urgent measures to pressure the Houthis to come to peace and put international resolutions in place in order to achieve security and peace in Yemen, end the Yemeni peoples’ torment that Houthis pay no attention to.

The British diplomat reiterated the UK’s interest in establishing peace and alleviating the Yemenis’ suffering, applauding the Vice President’s interest and the legitimate government’s efforts for peace.


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