Association of Mothers of Abductees condemns kidnapping women by Houthi militia

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The “Association of Mothers of Abductees” denounced with the most powerful words the abduction of women by Houthi putschist militias.

The militiamen are reported to have kidnapped several women in the capital Sana’a while they were protesting against the deteriorated living conditions.

The “Association of Mothers of Abductees” is a human right body established to defend the peoples who have been abducted and enforced disappeared by Houthi militia.

In a statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of the Association said” Such crimes are abnormal and inconsistent with the conservative Yemeni society’s norms, traditions and values..These violations are unprecedented in the Yemeni community which criminalizes any assault against woman, let alone to kidnap her and driving her to police stations and jails, paying no attention to moral and humanitarian principles”.

The Association called for unconditionally releasing all women who are being abducted, holding the wrongdoers accountable for the violations they committed.


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