Army controls key mountains in Saada

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National Army, backed by Arab Coalition Forces, has liberated a number of strategic locations west of Saada province, on Saturday.

Brigadier Hameed Al-Qadi the commander of 122nd infantry brigade, said that the army forces took over “al-Ausha” mountains chain and “Alfarsh” mountains, and completed securing the Bani Howeidi villages.

Brig. Al-Qadi added to “September Net” that the army’s gains came after a fierce attack against the Houthi coup militia in the right front of Kitaf district, noting that the forces are advancing rapidly and getting close to join other military units stationed on Kitaf’s suburbs.

He confirmed that large number of of Houthi rebels were killed and wounded in the fighting, while the national army seized large amounts of weapons and various ammunitions and wireless devices from the insurgents.

The brigadier pointed out that the 122nd brigade’s engineers have removed huge amounts of different type and size landmines planted by the militia, and are still demining the rest of liberated areas and farms in the district.



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