Saada,,, Scores of Houthi rebels killed, incl senior leaders

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Dozens of Houthi militia members, including leaders, have been killed in the ongoing confrontations with National Army forces in Maran warfront, western Saada province.

Fighting between army forces and Houthi rebels broke out late on Wednesday evening as the militia tried to retake some of the positions that were previously liberated by the army in the warfront, a field source in Al-Auroba Brigade told September Net.

The fighting, which lasted for hours, left dozens killed and injured on the militia’s side, including a number of its senior field commanders, affirmed the source.

Meanwhile, “September Net” got names of some of those Houthi killed leaders; they are ( Ali Balka’, Ibrahim Al-Akwa’, Abu Ali Al-Ashash, Abdulmajid Jama’an, Abu Hussien Mogrem, Ali AAwadh and Mohammed Alsadem).

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