Houthi militia’s mines Kill 183 civilians in Al-Jawf province ( Report)

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As many as 713 civilians have been killed and injured by landmines planted by Houthi coup militias in Al-Jawf, according to a report by Ministry of Human Rights office in the province.

The report documented the killing of nearly 183 civilian persons and exposure of 308 others victims to disfigurement, in the period from March 2016 to September 2018.

The Ministry’s report indicated that Al-Jawf province ranked fourth in terms of the number of landmine victims, pointing out that minefields were planted in the directorates of Khab-Alsha’af, Al-Motoon, Al-Hazm, Al-Masloob and Al-Ghail.

“Houthi coup militia deliberately planted hundreds of mines in the citizens’ homes, public roads and residential areas,” the report noted.

It pointed that “The militias also transformed public and private facilities into military barracks and blasted them with explosives and mines, including anti- vehicles and anti- personnel mines, some of which were locally made and resembled rocks and trees.”

It clarified that civilians were mostly the target of those mines, with scores of women and children have been killed and injured, while many families did not return home because of the militia’s randomly-planted minefields.

The report also called for urgent action to save civilians from minefields, which continue to pose a serious threat to residential communities, demanding an assistance of Engineering Teams to help remove those explosives.

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