Army inching closer on complete besiege on Hodeidah city

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Backed by Arab coalition’s jets troops, National Army forces have continued its military operations for third day in row in Hodeidah province, where the Iran-backed Houthi militias are maintaining setbacks and collapses in their ranks.

The army forces have liberated large areas in the city’s north-east suburbs on Monday. They have also managed to imposed a siege on the militia’s crowds stationed inside 22 May Hospital, and cleared new sites in 50th Street from the rebels’ infiltrators.

The national army’s brigades, Al-Amalika, were able to seize control over Thabet Bros Compound, north-east the city, after heavy clashes, lasted three hours, with the Houthi militias, according to a source in the field.The army also hit accurately a number of Houthi snipers deployed on the rooftop of Al-Etahad Plalac, he added.

“18 Houthi militia, who tried to attack positions previously liberated near the Red Sea Factories, were targeted by the army using a guided missile, resulted in killing them all”, a military source told September Net.

Having incurred heavy losses, the militia elements fled and retreated towards the northwestern areas, the source added.

Meanwhile, army forces, marching I through the earthy in the direction of the city’s north, are seeking to reach Al-Sham point, located in the highway connecting between Hedeidah and Hajah provinces. The move aims to block the militias entirely of their supplying areas, and help the entrance of the advancing troops to the city from many sides.

Equipped with advanced military machines and hardware, additional troops have started crawling today’s morning from Mandar region south the city. The forces are going to partake in the ongoing operations and tasked with securing the locations had been already liberated in past hours.

In retaliation to the streak of defeats they inflicted, the Houthi rebel militias fired dozens of artillery shells into the heavily populated neighborhoods in 7th July street, according to local sources in the city.

“The shells killed one civilian and wounded two others, in addition to massive damages on people’s property,” they added.

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