Army scores significant victories in Hodeidah

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National army forces, backed by Arab coalition jets, on Tuesday have regained control of new facilities and locations western Hodeidah.

The army’s gains came within the framework of the ongoing military operation aimed at retaking the city of Hodeidah and its strategic seaport from Houthi coup’s militias.

According to the reporter of “September Net” in the west cost front, units of the National Army forces have combed and cleaned, today, the area of Dawar Al-Matahen and nearby positions.

Having launched a large-scale military offensive against the rebel militias, the national the army troops entirely took over the Red Sea Mills Company and all its buildings”, he added.

The attack, during which high professionally-train­ed forces took part, resulted also in liberating the workshop of Hyundai company, while the sites surrounding the “CityMax” center have been came under the control of the army’s fire.

At least 23 Houthi militias were killed and 14 others, among them snipers, surrendered themselves to the army during the fierce fighting.

Dozens of the militia commanders and militants had also fled the city towards Sana’a and Hajjah provinces.

“The National army forces have advanced and become only 4 kilometers away from Hodeidah seaport”, troops engaged in the battles told our reporter.

The army forces were able to struck a gathering of Houthi rebels successfully with a thermal missile, killing 4 elements and wounding several others.

Dozens of doctors and health workers – including foreigners – have been detained by Iran-backed Houthi militia indide the May 2nd Hospital.

The Houthis also deployed a group of its militants on and around the hospital, in an attempt to prevent the progress of the national army.

While some residents reported that Houthi putschists have launched wide crackdowns in the city’s neighborhoods.They said the rebel militants” raided, and stationed on top of, dozens of civilian houses in the 7th of July District.”

Other , on the other hand, citizens reported that their own homes have been seized and looted by the militia since yesterday.

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