Dozens of millitias killed, injured in strikes, clashes in Saada

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Forty eight fighters belonging to Houthi coup militia were killed in clashes with the National Army forces and Arab Coalition raids in the Baqam district north of Saada province.

Brigadier General Yasser al-Harthy, Commander of the “102nd Special Brigade told “September Net” that the army troops ambushed a group of militia, while
trying to infiltrate into army positions on Baqem on Thursday .

The attack resulted in killing 28 of militia elements, including the commander of the militia called “Abu Ghalab al-Washli”, and wounding others, while the rest elements fled.

Twenty Houthi militiamen were also killed as Arab Coalition Jets raided one of their caves on the same Front.

In Kitaf Front, the field commander of the Houthi militia, “Daif Mohammed Yahya Sharif”, was killed along with a number of his companions by an airstrikes of Coalition Fighters in the valley of “Al Bu Jabara” .



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