Army controls new areas in Saada

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National army forces managed to seiz control over significant locations on Tuesday in Kitaf district west of Saada province, north of the country.

The army forces launched a surprise attack on the militia’s positions in the left flank of Kitaf front, commander of Liberation Brigade, brigadier Fawaz Mohammed Al-Zerary told September Net.

“The forces managed to retake ‘Rashaha’ and “al-Maleel”, two strategic mountains range, the hill of al-A’lam, and al-Mokanda’a hills” as well as secured the road leading to the valley ‘AlJabara’.” brig. Al-Zerary said.

Large number of Houthi rebels were killed and injured during the fighting, while the army seized huge amounts of arms, various ammunition and communication devices.

Brigadier Al-Zerary explained that the engineering teams of the army have already started clearing and removing mines planted by the militia in the liberated areas public roads and farms. Large quantities of mines of multiple- functions shape, and size have been removed, he said.

As for the front of Baqim in the north of Saada, the national military, Monday night, carried out a sudden attack against the sites of the Houthi militias with the support of Arab coalition fighter jets.

The offensive led to the liberation of the mountain chain of ‘Araf’ and ‘al-Gharah and the escape of the insurgents, according to commander of Storm Brigade, brigadier Khaled Ma’aroof.

The Asphalt road that connects the mountains of Al-Gharah with the center of Baqim district have been under the control of the army weapons as well.

Brigadier Ma’roof said that , in addition to the seizure of quantity of various types of ammunition, the army forces were also able to discover weapons depot belonging to the Houthi rebels. It contained qualitative arms including thermal missiles.

The army’s experts extracted about 30 mines and explosive devices, some of which remotely being detonated, that were planted by the Houthi at public roads and in the populated villages.

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