Mareb Human Rights Office sheds lights on Houthi crimes

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The Human Rights Office in Mareb organized on mondaya special activity on shedding lights on crimes and violations committed by Houthi militia against Yemeni people coinciding with Human Rights World Day marking 10 of December every year.

Launching the activity, Deputy Governor of Marebfor Administrative Affairs Abdullah al-Bakeri said the Houthi militia commits atrocities against Yemeni people; killing under torture, forcible recruitment, recruiting children as soldiers, kidnapping, forcibly disappearance and looting salaries while the international community neglects these crimes and violations.

This international silence encouraged Houthi rebel militia on practicing the most malicious crimes and violations brutally and increased suffering of the Yemeni people and humiliating their dignity and humanity, said al-Bakeri.

He called the international community to shoulder responsibility towards these atrocities and act seriously to stop Houthi crimes, work on bringing the militia to international courts and blacklisting them as terrorist group like ISIS and Qaeda.

For his part, the Deputy Director of Mareb Human Rights Office Mahmoud al-Oqaili said Houthi crimes should be labeled as war crimes, making it clear that Arab Coalition’s anti- missiles defense have intercepted 275 ballistic rockets fired by the militia on Mareb province, which hosts huge numbers of displaced people from different provinces.

Two speeches delivered by the Chairwomen of Mareb Girls Intisar al-Qadhi and Representative of Mothers of Kidnaped Association Maha al-KhadhmidenouncedHouthi crimes against Yemeni people.


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