Houthi militias breach Hodeida ceasefire deal

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September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi coupist militia have breached the ceasefire agreement in the port city of Hodeida which started midnight Tuesday.

The Unit of Coordination in the Advanced Operation Center of Hodeida axis reported several breaches by the militia in more than 6 warfronts.

Houthi rebels fired projectiles in Duraihemi district, 10 Kilo area and Aleesa  village north of the port city  Hodeida. The Armed forces is committed to the agreement and therefore didn’t response to the Houthi bombing.

The Houthis also broke the truce in four others fronts. The center monitored the firing of 45 mortar rounds by the militia against the district of Jabalua. The army again didn’t fire back at the militia in respect to the ceasefire deal .




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