President Hadi confirms enabling Tehami people of managing their province

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi has confirmed enabling People of Tehama Region of active participation in the framework of different state institutions, in reward to their sacrifices in facing Houthi Imamate agenda.

The President’s directives include meeting aspirations the people of Tehama Region of running their province in the framework of the federal Yemen based on justice, equality and good governance.

Receiving Governor of Hodeida Dr. al-HasanTaher on Wednesday, President was briefed on the different developments in Hodeida and preparations for handing over the people of Hodeida the management of Hodeida’s executive, security and revenue institutions in the framework of confidence- building measures.

He pointed out to Houthi non-seriousness- as usual- on fulfilling their commitments and pledges.


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