Moral Guidance’ team visits army units in Sa’ada

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September Net

A Team from the Moral Guidance Department of the Armed Forces, headed by Colonel Ahmad al-Ashul, visited on Wednesday the units of the National Army in Baqam district north of Sa’ada province as a part of field visits to various military axes.

During the visit, Colonel Al-Ashul affirmed  that the support of Arab Coalition countries for Yemen legitimacy against Iran-backed Houthi militia strengthened the Arab unity in facing the current challenges.

For his part, Col. Khaled al-Kareni stressed the importance of unification of media discourse in all the units of the army in order to insure the success of media front whose importance is no less than the ground military fronts.

The team was briefed during the visit on the level of normalization of civilian conditions in the liberated areas of Baqam, performance of the medical center and field hospital and also the level of civilian casualties by turning their areas into a battlefield by the Houthi coup militias.

The team of the Moral Guidance was  accompanied by a number of military commanders.




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