Sa’ada… Army advances in Marran, discovers weapons stores in Baqim

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September Net

National Army forces have made new progress and found out weapons depots in Hidan and Baqim respectively in the northern province of Sa’ada.

In the district of Hidan, the army took over several positions during fierce fighting with Houthi militia in past two days in Marran area. Dozens rebels were killed including the son of Hussein al-Houthi, one of the founders of putschist militia, along with number of his escorts.

Arab coalition aircraft launched several raids that targeted positions and fortifications for the militia in the same front.

As for Baqim district, north-west of Sa’ada, the National army found out arms stores amid residential neighborhoods, from which Houthi rebels fled last week.

In the same development, military engineers continue demining and clearing mines and explosives planted by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in populated areas, public roads and farms of Baqim’s center.




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