Houthi militia denies WFP delegation access to Taiz

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Houthi coup militias prevented a delegation from UN World Food Program (WFP) to enter Taiz city. The delegation’s trip aimed to inspect the populations’ situations and humanitarian needs.

The Yemeni News Agency (Saba) said that the Houthi coupists denied the WFP delegation headed by deputy of Country Director Ali Redha from entering the city through its eastern entrance in Al-Howban.

As a result, the delegation had to delay its visit for a week. Next week the delegation will come back through Aden and southern government-controlled entrance.

The militia’s act is a flagrant violation of Stockholm’s Agreement and all international and humanitarian treaties and conventions.

The militia repeatedly blocked humanitarian, relief aid shipments in Al-Howban and impeded UN senior officials’ visits to the besieged city, including the Assistant of UN Secretary General, former Representative of OCHA, Representative of Security of Office of the UN envoy in Aden.

A delegation of International Red Cross also was denied access to jails and detention centers in the militia controlled regions in the province.


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