Symposium on International Humanitarian Law held in Say’oon

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A discussion session on International Humanitarian Law organized by Shahed Organization for Rights and Freedoms in cooperation with Ministry of Human Rights Office in Hadhramout held here on Monday.

The session aimed at giving knowledge to participants; judges, lawyers and officers in the security units and activists from Civil Society Organizations on international law, its principles, the International Declaration on Human Rights and the constitutional and legal rules in Yemeni Law on protecting rights and freedoms of people, as well as showing prosecuting measures.

The session also discussed possible violations humiliating human being’s dignity, anti-Torture Treaty and the two treaties of woman and child.

Assistant Deputy Governor of Hadhramout for the Valley and Desert Affairs Abdulhadi al-Tamimi confirmed support of the local authority on ensuring rights and freedoms of the people.

For his part, Director of Ministry of Human Rights’ Officer here Omer Awadh al-Ameri said holding such activity represents a practical way- after establishing the human rights office in Hadhramout- for realizing principle and rules of protecting rights and freedoms and protecting people’s dignity during conflicts.


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