Yemeni army opens up new front inside Houthi rebels stronghold

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September Net

The Yemeni National army, backed by Arab coalition, has opened up new front in the northern province of Sa’ada, the main stronghold of the Houthi rebels militia.

The army has so far liberated estimated areas of 35 kilometers including several key mountains, Commander of 3rd Border Guards Brigade told September Net.

Brigadier Aziz al-Khatabi added that the Houthi putschist militia inflicted major losses in human and combat equipment during the operation..

He stressed that the aim of current offensive is to liberate the positions between the Marran and Alb regions in the northwest of Sa’ada and to put down the Iran-back Houthi militia’s coup, in general.

The launch of this new front, which is in the heart of Sa’ada, comes after strategic survey to the scene of operations, al-Khatabi noted.


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