WFP: Houthi militia snatches food out of starving mouths

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World Food Program (WFP) of the United Nations demanded an immediate stop of Houthi militia’s manipulation of the distribution of relief and humanitarian aids in Yemen. The WFP has revealed evidences testified such practices have already occurred in the Yemeni capital Sana’a and other Houthis militia-controlled regions.

The WFP revealed in press release published on its website that an investigative study conducted on the beneficiaries unveiled that many of the capital population haven’t received their due portion of food assistance, while in other regions starving peoples totally deprived their entire shares. At the meantime millions of Yemenis are depending on food aids to survive.

The WFP’s statement added ” manipulating allocating food aids portions was uncovered in a review conducted by the WFP over recent months. The study was made following an increasing reports about purchasing food aids in the capital’s markets”.

The Executive Director of WFP David Beasley stated that ” Such practices amounted to snatching food out of starving mouths”.

Beasley went on saying” This is happening meanwhile children die because they don’t get enough food, this is a flagrant offense and criminal act should be stopped immediately”.

Beasley said” I demand Houthi authorities in Sana’a to take urgent act to stop manipulating food aids and make sure that food aids are delivered to the people who depend on to survive”.

He added” Unless this is done, we’ll have no choice but to stop working with those who are involved in complicity to deny large number of the people in need of food to survive”.


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