Info Minister: Houthi militia denies Yemenis their salaries, swaps aids with going fighting

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Minister of Information Muamer Al-Iyrani appreciated WFP’s reaction to Houthi militia’s manipulation of food aids.

In statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) Al-Iryani said” The WFP’s account indicates that Houthi militia is deliberately exacerbating humanitarian crisis, causing people in its controlled regions to suffer starvation in order to capitalize on their torment to gain politically and militarily.”

The Info. Minister added” Houthi militia has intentionally aimed to deny millions of Yemenis their salaries, livelihood income sources and humanitarian aids to further increase their suffering so that they have no other choice but to go fighting alongside the militiamen.”

Al-Iranyni stated that the Houthi militia has created loyal local organizations, some of which are sectarian-oriented, to receive humanitarian aids, re-direct and distribute them to the militia’s militants and supporters. As a result large amount of humanitarian aids are being used to promote Houthi sectarian attitudes, prolong the conflict, instead of to allay the humanitarian crisis.”


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