PM meets head of political affairs at UN envoy’s office

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Prime Minister Moeen Abdulmalik received the head of the political affairs at the UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths’ office Marwan Ali and his accompanying delegation in the temporary capital Aden on Thursday.

Abdulmalik affirmed that the government is seeking to establish a lasting comprehensive peace with the Houthi rebels in accordance with the three agreed upon terms of reference.

He said that despite the agreed ceasefire, the Houthi militia have committed several violations.

He called for checking the disastrous and reckless Houthi conduct in Hodeidah to established the hoped for calm and pave the way for mature peace talks.

He said that the government is working earnestly to meet the needs of all the Yemeni people including the humanitarian needs and salaries in the Houthi-controlled territories.

He emphasized that the current circumstances require the presence of the UN office in Aden and opening branch offices in the other government-held provinces. He said that this presence in the government-held territories will allow for an accurate gathering of information and provide an atmosphere free from the arbitrary pressures of the militia that it practices in Sana’a against the employees of international organizations.

He appreciated Griffiths efforts to secure peace agreements and spare the Yemeni people any further miseries from this war imposed by the Iran-aligned militia.

Ali indicated the UN’s interest to open an office in Aden to be able to gather accurate information and to work at a faster pace.


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