Houthi rebels kill, injured 287 citizens in Hodeidah since the ceasefire start

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September Net

Houthi putschist militia has violated the ceasefire agreement in the western province of Hodeida 374 times since the agreement came into effect on December 18, 2018 until yesterday, Friday January 4,2019.

Advanced Operations Center in Hodeidah military axis reported that the militia’s hostile attacks resulted in killing of 31 people and wounding 256 more

Houthi militiamen carried out these breaches in the district of Adoryhimi and the areas of Al-Jabliah, Hays, Attohyatah, Al-Fazah, coastal countryside and Hodeidah city, said the Center.

The militia committed these violations using different weapons including mortars, sniper guns, R.P.G., Doshka rockets and two Badr missiles


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