Dep. FM appreciates China’s contributions to support Yemen in different fields

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September Net

Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadrami highly praised China’s supportive positions in supporting the Yemeni government and political solution based on the well known terms of reference; deeply appreciating China’s contributions to relief, humanitarian actions and development in Yemen.

His statement came as he met Sunday with the Chinese Ambassador to our country Kang Yong.

Al-Hadrami’s conversations with Yong primarily focused on the political developments in view of outcomes of Sweden’s consultations.

He stated that the Yemeni government is committed to observe cease-fire and it is working hard to carry out what has been agreed on. While the militia has continued to systematically breach cease-fire, trying to procrastinate, act evasively.

The Deputy Foreign Minister called on International Community (IC), mainly the countries which are sponsoring peace process in Yemen to send clear messages to the militia that it should stop breaching cease-fire, hindering peace efforts.

The Chinese diplomat stated that his country is closely following the developments and working along with (IC) to put international resolutions in place in order to reach political solution to the catastrophic situation in Yemen.


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