33 killed, 263 injured due to Houthi militia’s 434 breaches of cease-fire truce

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September Net

Coordination Unit in Advanced Operations Center in Hodeidha Military Axis documented 434 breaches of cease-fire have been committed by Houthi putschist militia since the truce put into its effects on December 18 until last Monday January 7,2019.

According to reports by the Coordination Unit, Houthi putschist militia has breached the cease-fire truce 434 times in the governorate of Hodeidah from December 18 through January 7. As a result 23 people killed and 263 more wounded among of them women and children.

A military source of the Coordination Unit stated that Houthi militia’s breaches are continuing with different weapons touching upon national military positions, residential areas and public places.


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