Info. Minister demands int’l community to take decisive action on Houthis

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September Net

Yemen’s Minister of Information has called upon the international community to take a decisive action on the “nonsense that the coupist Houthi militia is exercising.”

In a statement to Saba, Muammar al-Eryani, said the international community needs to force the Houthi militia into implementing the UN-sponsored Stockholm Agreement they signed with the government on December 13.

Al-Eryani said that the Houthi representatives in the Ceasefire Monitoring Panel in Hodeidah “refuse to withdraw even one kilometer outside the city under clumsy excuses.”

He said that the Yemeni people and their Arab Coalition-backed government are able to resume the battle for liberating the country and putting a stop to the current humanitarian suffering in case the UN fails to force the militia into implementing the Agreement.

“The picture is now completely clear to the UN, the UN Secretary General’s Envoy … and the whole international community which party is the hinderer of peace and the causer of this humanitarian suffering,” he said.

“It is worthless to have [UN] monitors in Hodeidah unless the Houthi militia are forced to implement the Agreement, especially the part of it on Hodeida,” he said. “Because the problem we are having is not with the shortage of monitors but the Houthi refusal to implement the Agreement.”


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