Al-Ruaini: Government made NDC’s outcomes implementation top of its priorities

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September Net

The State Minister for Implementation of outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) Yaser al-Ruaini has said the government made the implementation of the outcomes in the top list of its priority as new vision to lay the real foundation for building the federal state.

Talking to Yemeni News Agency ‘Saba’ Thursday on the fifth ceremony of the Federal Yemen agreement marking 25 of January, he made it clear that 2019 will witness active projects on implementing the dialogue’s outcomes for establishing the federal Yemen.

He praised positive reaction to the awareness campaign on the significance of the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and stressed integration of all efforts for implementing these outcomes.

He pointed to obstacles faced the implementation of the outcomes because of Houthi coup against the state and looting the public funds, noting that the coup aimed at hindering the national project (outcomes of the dialogue and the federal state) despite rebel forces have been signatories in the agreement of the outcomes.

He stressed that regaining the state and ending the coup and its repercussions and implementing the NDC’s outcomes is the only way for realizing the dream of the Yemeni people of building modern state and realizing peace and security.


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