Over 51 citizens killed, 370 injured in Hodeida during ceasefire

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September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militia has committed more than 745 breaches during ceasefire in Hodeida from December 18 to January 25 2019.

Monitoring reports showed that Houthi militia killed 51 citizens and injured 370 others; some of them have serious injuries.

A military source in the government confirmed that Houthi militia’s violations are continuing, shelling citizens houses, public places and military positions, pointing out that the militia targeted the UN mission entrusted with implementing Stockholm agreement.

The source added that Houthi militia shelled the Red Sea Mills used by the UN as warehouses for grains, a matter considered blatant challenge to the international community.

He confirmed that the militia is strengthening its defensive positions via planting mines, digging trenches in ground entrances for failing Stockholm agreement.

The source called on the UN Envoy’s office to take necessary measures and exert pressure on the rebel militia to stop these violations immediately and to abide by UN agreement regarding Hodeida and its ports.


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