Arab Coalition destroys Houthi UAVs storage facility


September Net

The Arab Coalition supporting Yemen’s legitimate government said it struck a site which Houthis use for storing unmanned aerial vehicles east of the coupist militia-held capital Sana’a on Thursday.

Coalition spokesman Turki al-Maliki was quoted by the Saudi Press Agency said the attack was “a continuation of the military operation that the Coalition had conducted on Saturday evening January 19, 2019 to destroy an integrated system of capabilities, and logistic facilities for unmanned drones” owned by the Iran-backed terrorists.

The Coalition also hit whereabouts of foreign military experts supporting the Iran-aligned militia
Al-Maliki said the Coalition is committed to denying the terrorist militia and other terrorist organizations access to such capabilities and to protecting civilians and vital facilities from the threat of terror attacks by these drones in line with the international humanitarian law.”


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