Al-Maliki: Houthi militia’s violations of cease-fire truce up to 1080


September Net

Spokesperson of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces for supporting legality in Yemen Colonel Turki al-Maliki has confirmed that Iran-allied Houthi rebel militia hasn’t been committed to Stockholm’s Agreement, its breaches of the cease-fire truce in Hodeidah totaled 1080.

In his weekly press Monday in Riyadh, Col al-Maliki said the Houthi militia has continued to dig trenches and stockpile weapons and displace the population from their own origin villages, adding to that the militiamen bombarded Internally Displaced Persons (IDPS) in al-Shulaillah Camp in Hardh district in Hajjah governorate.

Al-Maliki stated that the Houthi rebels have suffered heavy losses in humans and equipment. He said ” As many as 1129 militiamen had been killed from January 21 till February 4″.

Iran-backed Houthis have continued to commit violations against the Yemeni people including planting landmines and recruiting children and engaging them in frontline battles.


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