Political, security committee in the EU hosts FM to speak about Yemen’s vision of settlement

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September Net

The Political and Security Committee (PSC) in the European Union (EU) hosted on Tuesday Foreign Minister Khaled Alyemany to talk about Yemen’s perception of the political settlement in the country.

Addressing the PSC which includes Ambassadors of the 28 EU member states Alyemani said” President Hadi’s perception of settlement and peace that legitimate government endorses is very clear that priority is given to building confidence measures, followed by political file.. It can’t and it is illogical to talk about another topic with Houthis whilst they don’t implement what agreed on in Stockholm”.

He added” Houthi rebels even didn’t carry out the minimum of what General Cammaert asked to open routes for relief and humanitarian aids”.

Alyemeny detailed the EU member states on the latest developments about the Yemeni situations , mainly political and humanitarian developments following Stockholm Agreement. He also cited economic challenges that Yemen has been struggling with, highlighting the need for support by International Community in general and EU to bail out Yemen’s economy.

The Foreign Minister also briefed the EU’s representatives on the challenges facing relief and humanitarian actions.




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