Community leaders in Abyan aligned themselves behind President Hadi’s leadership for restoring state

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A preliminary consultative gathering convened in Abyan on Wednesday with the aim of aligning the province’s population behind the leadership of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in order to regain the state, defend republic regime against Houthi rebel militia’s coup.

The meeting brought together social dignitaries, leading politicians, military commanders and activists of the province.

The participants announced that they are aligning themselves behind President Hadi, supporting his efforts to re-establish security and stability in the government-held governorates and regions.

In a final statement, the participants voiced appreciation for the crucial role of the Arab Coalition led by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, backed by United Arab Emirates in supporting the legitimate government against Houthi rebel militia’s coup.

The participants reiterated rejection to all forms of extremism that Abyan province suffered from, took the leading role in countering radicalism and paid high price for .


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