Houthi militia confirms death of senior leader


September Net

A senior commander loyal to the Iran-backed Houthi rebels has been killed in Nihm front eastern the capital Sana’a, pro-militia media admitted on Tuesday.

The rebel leader so called Mohammed Abdullah Al-Motarib, was killed during clashes with National Army in Nihm, and he was mourned on Tuesday in Sana’a, according to the militia-run media.

The slain leader was the chief of the militia so-called central military operations and was the second important man in the Nihm front following the brother of the Houthi militia’s leader, Abdulkhaliq Al-Houthi.

However, sources have questioned the pro-Houthi media reports about the killing of Al-Motarib in the front, pointing out that he was probably killed by the conflicting sides fighting each other inside the militia’s lines.


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