30 Houthi militiamen killed in Hajoor, Hajjah


September Net

At least 30 Houthi militiamen were killed on Saturday in clashes in Hajoor region in the northern Yemen province of Hajjah.

Tribesmen fought fierce battle during an attack, today, against the Iran-backed militia in Hajoor region, where the Arab coalition raids also hit the rebels’ targets, sources on the ground told September Net.

20 Houthi militants were killed during the lightening offensive, said the sources

The remaining militia escaped and fled from the scene, leaving its dead bodies scattered on the fighting zones.

Ten more militiamen were also killed after their two military patrols were destroyed in the same region, where the tribesmen managed also to take over new positions from the militia, according to the sources.

Meanwhile, in response to its painful defeats on the ground, the putschist Houthi militia continues its bombardment again civilians and houses in Hajoor, which has been under barbaric attack and siege of the Houthi militia for second week in row.


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