MASAM detonates 4000 mines in Al-Jawf province


September Net

KSrelief Demining Project “MASAM” has destroyed 4000 mines and explosive devices planted by Houthi  militia in the northern Yemen province of Al-Jawf.

These mines and explosives were all pulled out mostly from different residential areas in the province during only the last two months.

Governor of Al-Jawf Maj. Gen. Ameen Al-Aukaimi highly appreciated the Saudi project  MASAM and its teams, pointing that it is a life project for all Yemenis.

Al-Aukaimi said the sacrifices and efforts have been made by MASAM will never be forgotten and Yemenis will always honor its humanitarian mission in Yemen.

It’s noted that MASAM is part of a $40 million initiative by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) with a view to removing mines left behind by Houthi coupist militia, and to train 400 Yemeni experts in demining as well.


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