Hajjah…Tens Houthi rebels killed, injured in Hajoor 


September Net

Eleven Houthi militants were killed and scores wounded on Tuesday in fierce clashes with  the tribes of Hajoor region in Yemen northwestern province of Hajjah

Sources in the field told September Net the resistance heroes in Hajoor region thwarted several attacks by the Houthi militias from different directions on their positions in the north of Kashir district.

The resistance also destroyed two military vehicles belonging to the militias.

Meanwhile, The Arab coalition jets targeted the rebel militias in the area and destroyed their war machines that were heavily shelling residential neighborhoods. Many rebels were killed and injured by the raids, the sources said.

The same sources affirmed that the Iran-backed Houthi militia is still reinforcing its lines with more militants and equipment, and continuing its indiscriminate bombardment against the residential villages in the region, which the rebels besieged from the four directions, blocking all life-saving supplies from reaching the civilians.

This prompted the Saudi-led Arab coalition, according the sources, to drop down yesterday urgently needed food and medical assistance to the besieged citizens in the region of Hajoor.


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