Hajoor resistance thwarts Houthis’ attacks


September Net

The resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes thwarted several attacks by the Houthi militias from different directions on their positions in Kasher district in Hajjah province, north of the country.

Sources in the ground said to September Net that the tribes of Hajoor have been fighting the Houthi militias in Kasher district for the second day and succeeded to repel all the attacks launched by the militias against the areas of the said district.

The sources added that reinforcements of Houthi militias arrived hours ago to Kasher in an attempt to attack the areas of Qarayat and al-Tawaih, stressing that the tribes fighters are on high alert and fully prepared to repel the attack.

The tribes fighters of Hajoor have also repulsed today’s morning a massive attack launched by the militias on their sites in the area of ​​al-Abaisah east of Kasher, using various types of heavy and light weapons. The battles lasted for five hours and resulted in dozens of dead and wounded among militias’ ranks.

Meanwhile, the Houthi militias launched heavy artillery shelling on the  houses of citizens in the villages of Qarayat and al- Tawaih.

In the meantime, the tribes fighters repulsed a number of intensive attacks by Houthi militias in the southern front of Hajoor.

The Houthi rebels suffered Heavy casualties during the battles.

The tribesmen were able to liberate three sites in the Naid area of ​​ Aflah al-Sham district, and seized quantity of weapons.


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