Houthi explosive expert killed with several militiamen in al-Bayda


September Net – al-Bayda

Houthi militia’s explosive expert was killed along with several militants in clashes with National Army on Tuesday in Yemen central province of al-Bayda.

Army forces backed by resistance fighters launched a surprised attack on the militia in Thee Na’e district central the province. The attack also injured a number of Houthi rebels.

In Natea’ district, the Iran-backed rebel militia failed to carry out a raid on the army-held positions in the strategic mountain of Sawran, north of the province.

Yemeni army thwarted the insurgents, leaving deaths and injuries in their lines.

Houthi militia has suffered heavy human and material losses in al-Bayda, as the National Army keeps pushing them out and backwards from vast swathes of the province.


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