Hajjah,,, Hajoor tribes make new gains, down Houthi drone in Kushar


September Net – Hajjah

Resistance fighters of Hajoor tribes downed on Wednesday unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  belongs to Houthi militias in southern front of Kushar district in Hajjah province.

Meanwhile, Hajoor tribes have made ground progress in al-Abeasah area and continued advancing towards the strategic site of al-Mandalah in Kushar district.

Fierce battles still ongoing between Hajoor tribes and Houthi militants in the east of Korayat area in Kushar.

Thus, the command of the 5th Military Region is conducting preparations to break the militias’ siege on Hajoor tribes.

The commander of the fifth military region said , during a reception on Wednesday to the Minister of Information, the National Army and Arab coalition started providing Hajoor tribes with logistic support and supplies.


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