National army controls fresh areas in Sa’ada


September Net

National  Army backed by Arab coalition took over on Friday new Houthi militias’ held positions in Sa’ada province, north of the country.

Following fierce battle, the army liberated the mountain chain of Al-Batira and Maserl Alfara’ from the Houthi militia in Buqu front.

The captured locations overlook Waela villages, where the rebels have an operational center to run battles in the front.

Fighting left dead and injured on the militia’s side and destroyed several combat vehicles of theirs.

In Razeh front, the army troops made significant progress and regained several military areas from the militia in Jibal Al-Azhoor and Bani Maeen areas.

The village of Masn Alkad, Alshe’ar Hill, Harm Mount, Hesn Alkad, Bait Julhum, Shark al-Aresha were all liberated yesterday night by the army forces after violent fighting with Houthi militia.

Houthis suffered deaths and injuries during the battle, while army forces retrieved weapons and ammunition left behind by the militia at the sites they fled from.

“The days-long coordinated attacks against the militia were 100% successful and achieved its goals on the ground, Wagib 1st Brigade Commander told September Net.

Brigadier Hamood Al-Kharam confirmed that the national military is maintaining high morale  and steadily progressing on the ground against Houthi militia.


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