National Army controls new locations from militia in Sa’ada


September Net

National Army on Sunday captured strategic positions from Houthi militia in Razih district in Yemen northern province of Sa’ada.

Forces affiliated with the 7th Border Guards Brigade fought fiercely fierce battle against militia, taking full control over the area of “Kulat-Zaid area, and the two villages of  “Al-Kad and Alhisn”, located in the district of Razih west of Sa’ada.

Arab Coalition aircraft supported the army troops during the battle by pounding the militia’s elements and sites and fortifications in the district.

A number of Houthi rebels were killed and injured, and several combat vehicles of theirs were destroyed in the clashes and raids.

Amy’s engineers have already started demining the liberated areas, and so far managed to extract more than 50 Houthi-laid landmines and explosive devices.

It’s important to note that the army yesterday also took control over new militia-held areas in Razih, including three villages.


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