Hajjah…Tens Houthi rebels killed, injured in clashes and air raids in Hajoor


September Net

Tens Houthi militants including field leader were killed on Tuesday during battles with Hajoor tribes backed by Arab coalition aircraft in several areas of Hajoor in Hajjah province.

Hajoor tribes managed to repel violent attack launched by Houthi militia on the area of “al-Hadeyateen” in Kushar district northern Hajjah.

In parallel, Arab coalition warplanes launched three air raids targeting militia’s vehicle carrying ammunitions, and locations in Kushar.

The coalition airstrikes also targeted military camp belongs to Houthi rebels in the area of “Bani Goma’an” in Kushar district, killing and wounding several militants.

The coalition aircraft launched six air raids on another camp of Houthis in the area of “Qaflat Authar” located between Amran province and Hajoor, resulting in heavy destruction in the camp which includes scores of combat vehicles.


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