SC’s permanent members are concern over delay implementing Stockholm agreement


September Net

The Permanent Members in Security Council, China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United States. expressed their concern on Tuesday over failure of implementing Stockholm agreement signed last December in Sweden between the Government of Yemen and Houthi militias.

The five ambassadors also expressed their concern at the delay in the implementation of the recent Stockholm agreement, which provides that the redeployment of forces in Hodeidah city and its seaports, exchanging prisoners and detainees and the Taiz agreement.

UN efforts to persuade the Houthi rebels to implement the Hodeidah agreement and begin the process of redeployment from ports have not succeeded. The militias also refused more than once to withdraw from ports under the Lollesgaard plan.

The statement called for securing performance of the UN mission without interferences and urged the parties to implement the agreement without any delay or plots.

The ambassadors reaffirmed their commitment to a comprehensive political solution based on the relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, the GCC initiative, the implementation mechanism and the final documents of the Yemen National Dialogue Conference.

The Ambassadors welcomed recent suggestion of the government of Yemen for easing implementation of the agreement on Hodeida.

They also expressed their anxious on deterioration of the humanitarian situation including shelling the Red Sea’s Mills rinds and the severe fighting in Hajjah Province.


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