Chief of Staff stresses role of military and security in achieving stability in Al-Mahra province


September Net

Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Abdullah Al-Nakha’ee highlighted pivotal role has been played by military and security services in maintaining security and stability in Al-Mahra province.

His remarks came during a meeting on Wednesday held by the  Presidential Committee and included commanders of military and security apparatuses and Governor of the province Rajeh Bakreet.

The Chief of Staff advised high state of vigilance and coordination among security and military in order to secure the province and its coasts, praising the support of the Arab coalition to Yemen.

The chief of staff was informed by the commanders on combat and technical readiness among their units.

Lt. Gen. Al-Nakha’ee stressed on striking with an iron fist whoever seeks to destabilize security and stability in the province.

He pointed out that the legitimate government and the Arab coalition are partners in fate and struggle to end Houthi militia’s coup of September 2014, and restore the state institutions.


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