Yemeni National Army captures key sites from Houthi militia


September Net

National Army forces have taken control over strategic positions in which the Iran-backed Houthi militia was stationed in Yemen’s northern province of Sa’ada, on Saturday.

The army troops regained Al-Shabbok complex, Timsah Hill and several other Hills overlooking Wadi Al-Nakheel, located in Kitaf area of Buqa district, east of Sa’ada.

The putschist Houthi rebels suffered dead and injured in ranks during the fighting, and a number of their war machines were destroyed as well.

Yemeni National Army recovered a large quantity of weapons and ammunition left behind by the fleeing militia at the captured positions.

Houthi coup militia is now in a total disarray as they continue to receive major blows and setbacks in ranks by the army forces along the front that borders the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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