Coalition forces raid two caves used by Houthi militia to hide drones in Sana’a


September Net


Saudi-led Coalition forces have raided on Saturday two caves being used by the Houthi militia in the capital Sana’a to hide drones, Coalition spokesman said.


Colonel Turki Al-Malki said in a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency “The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition has conducted a military operation tonight to destroy two legitimate military targets; consisting of two caves used by the Houthi militia to store UAVs, and use them in terrorist operations,”


Col. Al-Malki stated the raids was an extension of previous military operations in January and February that targeted the Iran-backed militia’s drone network and capabilities and locations of foreign fighters helping the Houthi militia.


He confirmed the military operation was “in accordance with the customary international humanitarian law” and that “all precautionary measures and necessary action” were taken to spare civilians and avoid collateral damage.



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