Fishermen reject again presence of Iranian vessel in Yemeni waters

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September Net

A number of Yemeni fishermen renewed their rejection of the presence of an Iranian vessel in the Yemeni waters considering it a threat to their lives and livelihoods.

The fishermen who staged a rally off the Red Sea shores in Mocha in Yemen’s southwest have appealed to the government, the Arab Coalition, the UN and the whole international community to protect them from the Iranian vessel “Savez” that supplies the Houthi militants with boat bombs and naval mines.

They said the vessel “has caused the killing of several Yemeni fishermen, disrupted the job of 30 thousand others, and denied hundreds of thousands of Yemeni families from their incomes.”

The fishermen said they had spotted another suspected military vessel that conveys containers to Savez, suspected to be arms smuggled for the Houthi militia waging years long and devastating insurgency in Yemen.

They accused the Iranian vessels of trafficking Iranian experts to help the Houthis assemble armed drones to use them in terror attacks and prolong the war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.




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