Four siblings injured by Houthi shelling in Al-Dhale

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September Net

Three little brothers and their young sister sustained life-threatening injuries on Tuesday by indiscriminate shelling of the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Qatabah district north of Al-Dhale province, southern Yemen.

Local sources said to September Net that the rebel militia stationed in ​​Salim area eastern Fakhir city launched heavy and random artillery shelling on civilians’ houses in the village of Qaflah, wounding critically three little boys along with their sister.

The wounded victims are identified by the sources as Muthanna Abdullah 15, Tagreed Abdullah 7, Mukhtar Abdullah 8, and their sister Ghada Abdullah 18 years.

The sources confirmed that the four siblings were seriously injured and transferred to a hospital in the temporary capital Aden.

The same Houthi shelling also caused heavy damages to three houses in the villages, according to the sources.


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