Houthis escalating violations of UN truce in Hodeida


September Net

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia continues unabated to breach the UN humanitarian truce in Hodeida, stepping up attacks on sites of the national army which remain fully committed to the ceasefire deal in the city.

Using all types of arms, the rebel militiamen shelled on Wednesday, several positions under the control of the Yemeni national army in the Hais town south of the province.

The rebel militia fired 120-caliber mortar, artillery, heavy gun machines and 12.7-caliber weapon aginst the army positions. The militia also targeted other positions of the army using mortars and different weapons east of the same district.

The Houthi militia has been shelling the army sites and the densely populated neighborhoods in Hodeida almost every day, sidestepping the the ceasefire truce brokered by the UN in Stockholm last December.




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