Yemen political parties support government in face of separatists’ violence

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Yemen’s political parties have issued a joint condemnation of the violence acts by southern separatists in the temporary capital Aden on Thursday.

The Southern Transitional Council, a paramilitary force and hooligans,attempted to march on and seize state institutions especially military camps in Aden on Wednesday and tried again today but were thwarted by the army.

“The parties condemned the armed aggressions against the state institutions and premises of the government especially the presidential palace carried out by outlawed groups spurred on by [STC senior figure] Hani bin Breik,” read the statement, issued by almost all Yemen’s political parties including the top major three.

The parties also condemned the incidents that took place a few days before the separatists’ escalation, a twin attack by Houthi and Daesh against a military parade and a police station in Aden.

The parties called on the government and the Arab Coalition states to stand to these acts ” which threaten the stability of Yemen and the whole region.”

The parties said the “root cause of the remaining disturbances in the territories liberated (from Houthis)are the paramilitary forces being outside the authority of the Defense and Interiorministries.”

“The continuity of this problem is a grave existential threat to the state and to the security of the region.”

The parties also condemned the separatists’ attacks against northern Yemenivendors in Aden and hatred-filled rhetoric against the mainstream political parties.They called on the government to open an investigation into all the violence acts that have taken place in the past months including the assassinations of several politicians and political activists.


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