Saudi Dep. Defense Minister reiterates his country’s support for Yemen unity and legitimacy

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September Net

Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khaled bin Salman confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s stand in supporting the legitimate government in Yemen and its unity and stability is unchanged.

In a series of tweets on his account, he said that what is happening in Aden benefits only militias and terror organizations such as Houthis, Daesh and Al-Qaeda.

“It’s the Kingdom’s duty to support and maintain the legitimacy in Yemen and provide all means of support to the Yemeni people, pointing out that the regrettable developments in Aden caused the disruption of humanitarian and relief work, which is not accepted by the Kingdom,” he added.

He pointed to the international community’s rejection towards what is happening in Aden, stressing that the kingdom will not accept sparking a new sedition which is a declaration of war against Yemeni people who have long suffered from this crisis.


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