Houthi snipers shot two children in Hodeida

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September Net

Two little girls have been injured after being shot by snipers of the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen’s western province of Hodeida.

Local sources told September Net that Salwa Abdulkader and Fatima Hasan Salim were shot and seriously wounded by the rebel Houthi snipers in Hais district south of the province.

The militia also injured another young boy by heavy indiscriminate shelling waged against the densely populated neighborhoods in the same district.

The sources said that Salim Mohammed a 28 old year boy sustained injuries by shrapnel from a shell fired by the Houthi militia and hit on his houses in Hais south of Hodeida.

the Iran-backed rebel militia continues atrocities and crimes against civilians in Hodeida, continuing its daily violations to the UN-led humanitarian truce to cease fire in the port city.


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